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tax related services rendered by a r sodha & co
Overview: Post 1992 liberalization, India has become the destination of choice for multinational and foreign enterprises for their business and investment activities. India offers a host of advantages such as a stable political scenario, liberalized exchange control, literate and hardworking workforce, lower operating costs, abundance of natural resources, favorable timing differences and so on. More and more global players are establishing or increasing their presence in India. The prime concerns of the entrant are two-fold:

  1. Minimization the entry and exit costs

  2. Compliance with tax and regulatory requirements

We at A R Sodha & Co. have more than 30 years of experience in advising multinationals and foreign investors. Our areas of specialization include:

  1. Legitimate planning of investment into India to optimize entry/exit costs

  2. Easy-to-implement business models

  3. Assistance in set-up related as well as ongoing tax and regulatory compliance.

Our Approach: ARS Tax advisory services focus towards each clients tax requirements and objectives and thereby facilitating them in accomplishing effective tax compliance and thus controlling resultant cost.

Tax Related Services: Our Services include

Business Tax Advisory Services:> Businesses today increasingly view tax as a part of the transaction cost of an acquisition or divestment and focus on its minimization. Tax plays an important role in defining transactions and concluding negotiations. It can also have an impact on shareholder value.
Our Business Tax Advisory team has an in-depth knowledge of various industries. We advise businesses on tax-efficient manner of structuring transactions. We also assist our clients in discharging their compliances and reporting responsibilities.

Double Tax Avoidance: India has a network of treaties with a host of foreign nations which are primarily designed to eliminate double taxation on incomes which are otherwise taxed by the source country (in which the income is earned) and residence country (where the income-earner is a resident).

Our international taxation team has experience and expertise in the matters of interpretation of treaties. We can help optimize income-tax implications by proper interpretation and application of treaties. We can also help minimize the issues arising in implementation of tax treaties.

Transfer pricing: India has recently introduced detailed transfer pricing provisions that require transactions with associated enterprises to be undertaken on an armís length basis. The regulations also require maintenance of documentation and furnishing of an accountantís report to the tax authorities in support of such armís length pricing. Significant penalties are prescribed for non-compliance.

Our transfer pricing team can assist you in timely compliance of the requirements. We have an in-depth knowledge of various Indian industries, which is the prime requirement for conducting a transfer pricing study. Our databases contain up-to-date publicly available data. We also assist you in compliance with the other transfer pricing related requirements such as furnishing the accountantís report, representation before the transfer pricing officer, etc.

Other services: The reservoir of our other services include:

  • Advising on tax and regulatory issues in consonance with judicial pronouncements and regulations

  • Compliance including filing of tax returns representation before tax officers as well as before the first and second level appellate authorities. Where necessary, with prior approval, we can also engage Counsels to argue appeals.

  • Advising on tax implications, post deal integration, conducting tax due diligences and tax efficient deal structuring for acquisitions, divestments, joint ventures etc.

  • Personal Tax Advisory Services: We provide the following services to our individual clients:

  • Tax compliance and Tax planning

  • Financial planning including Wealth Management advisory

  • Representations before authority

  • Advising non-residents

Indirect tax

The cash flow implication on account of indirect tax which includes excise, service tax, VAT etc is substantial and it requires special deliberations and attention.

Our Services include:

  • Tax Compliance

  • Tax planning

  • Advising on indirect tax consequences of mergers, de mergers, acquisitions and disposals

  • Advising on tax efficient structure and correlating with industry preferred practice

  • Review of Processes, advising on documentation etc.



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